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VESTEL Displays
VESTEL Displays

Vestel Visual Solutions' Displays are top-tier, technologically advanced signage solutions intended to maximize your content's impact and reach.

Technical Data:
These displays come in various sizes and series to cater to different customer needs. The displays range from the entry-level E series with a resolution of 1920x1080 (FHD), through the Prime Plus series, to the Extreme series offering the largest displays up to 98 inches with a resolution of 3840x2160 (UHD).

The displays offer a plethora of features including built-in APIs for web applications, HDMI wake up, USB autoplay, wireless display, content scheduling, and support for 4K at 60Hz and HDR10. They also feature a signal failover for "no signal" situations, preventing a blank screen scenario.

These displays are ideal for a wide array of settings - from retail spaces and restaurants to corporate offices and outdoor advertising. They're designed to cater to different brightness levels and operation times based on the customer's needs. Optional accessories like plugin OPS modules, touch overlays, and motorized stands further enhance their usability.

VESTEL Interactive Flat Panel Displays
VESTEL Interactive Flat Panel Displays

New IFX Series, powered by Android 9 OS, optional Windows OS,  is the second generation of Vestel's cost-effective and highly interactive tailored design for education and corporate. The series includes powerful touch/pen tools with a light user experience together with all the fundamental features needed for teachers and students, and manageability for school IT administrators.




Education utilizes the interactive flat panels in many ways:

  • Increased interactivity in learning activities.
  • Improved learning with more visual lesson content.
  • Flexibility: IFPDs can provide variety of teaching scenarios from traditional tools to remote learning, from texts to video and internet content.
  • Cost savings reducing the costs of traditional written material.
  • Improved Collaboration.
  • Increased Teacher Efficiency: efficiency in managing classroom activities, recording lessons, sharing content, etc.



An interactive flat panel display in a meeting room combines the best way to get everyone pulling in the same direction…working, creating, innovating, and sharing information at the speed of their ideas:

  • Transform workplace into a center for collaboration and innovation.
  • Seamlessly connect everyone in your organization, regardless of their location.
  • Empower leadership to do more, in a visually compelling way.
  • Breathe new life into apps and data by viewing them from a different perspective
  • Better connect disparate business functions together to see things in a new light


VESTEL Video Wall
VESTEL Video Wall

Vestel's LCD Video Walls, part of the W Series, are designed to deliver a powerful visual experience with minimum visual interference, ensuring impressive content visibility even in varied lighting conditions.

Technical Data: These LCD Video Walls are available in 49” and 55” models with resolutions of 1920x1080 (FHD). They have a brightness of 500 cd/m2 and are designed for 24/7 operation. The bezel sizes are 3.5mm for the 49" model and 3.5mm, 1.8mm, or 0.88mm for the 55" model. The panels come with a haze level of 25%.

Features: The Video Walls offer landscape and portrait modes, high haze panels for increased visibility, ultra/extra/razor narrow bezels for a seamless image, and OPS compatibility. They also feature a daisy chain option for easy setup, IPS reliability for clear images, and on-site color calibration for uniformity. A unique feature is the signal failover protection for "no signal" scenarios. They also include wall mount options and remote control facilities for easy installation and configuration.

Applications: These video walls are ideal for settings that require powerful visual presentations such as corporate offices, conference rooms, retail stores, and advertising spaces. The high haze panels make them suitable for locations with variable lighting conditions. They are perfect for creating large, seamless displays with their narrow bezels and daisy chain options.

Totem Display
Totem Display

Our LED and LCD totems are versatile solutions designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Adaptable to any shape, design, and resolution of your choice, these totems are wirelessly controlled and tailored to enhance your business visibility.

Technical Data: These totems come in different versions, single-sided or double-sided, with LED or LCD screens using either DIP or SMD technology. The totems offer a variety of sizes ranging from 24" to 75". They are equipped with additional features like a camera, thermal printer, QR scanner, 4G modules for distributed management, people counting sensors, and software adapted to your specific needs.

Features: Our totems are fully customizable, from standard designs to unique shapes that represent your logo and company colors. They come with optional equipment like cameras, thermal printers, QR scanners, 4G modules, and intuitive software. They also offer interactive features with touch screen versions available, and incorporate advanced technologies like age, gender, and mood recognition.

Applications: These totems are perfect for a variety of applications including billboards, gas stations, and information centers. They are ideal for advertising, providing interactive information, and enhancing brand presence in indoor and outdoor spaces. The solar totems are especially suitable for locations away from the power grid or eco-buildings with high energy efficiency.

Self Service Kiosk
Self Service Kiosk

Samsung's innovative Kiosk model for small and medium businesses offers a compact and modern design for self-service operations. With its modular functionality, it supports various payment types and ensures hygienic interactions.

Technical Data: The Kiosk model includes a 24" display and a connection box , with an optional floor stand. The connection box includes a barcode/QR code scanner and a 3'' thermal ticket printer from Bixolon. The Kiosk supports various external peripherals such as payment pinpad terminals, weight scales, NFC sensors, and more.

Features: This Kiosk comes with a multitude of features such as HTML5 CMS Launcher, Android CMS Launcher, Scheduler, USB-Autoplay, Auto-Launch, HDMI-CEC, HDMI-Wakeup, Auto-switch on Joystick, Rocker Switch, and more. It also boasts powerful security by Samsung Knox, display monitoring, and management capabilities.

Applications: The Kiosk is a versatile solution designed for various usage scenarios including self-ordering in restaurants, self-checkout in retail and hospitality, self-ticketing in transportation, sports & entertainment, queueing in medical or retail environments, wayfinding, room booking, and self-registration in corporate, industrial, libraries, and medical settings. It's particularly focused on small and medium businesses, offering an affordable, ready-made product to enhance customer experience and performance.

AUDIO Products
AUDIO Products

AUDAC: Inspiring sound solutions

At our company, we've found AUDAC to be a game-changer in transforming our corporate communication experience. We've been leveraging AUDAC’s advanced audio solutions to ensure clear and reliable communication throughout our corporate environment.

AUDAC’s products, from high-tech matrix systems to preamplifiers, mixers, and a diverse range of speakers, have become integral to our operations. We've found their products to be highly durable, thanks to their top-notch components, ensuring that our investment in audio solutions is both strategic and long-lasting.

One of the standout features we appreciate is the adaptability of AUDAC's products. Their user-friendly interfaces have made it easy for us to integrate them into our existing corporate automation systems. The inclusion of cutting-edge technologies like AUDAC Touch and WaveDynamics has significantly enhanced our audio experience.

We've found AUDAC Touch particularly useful for simplifying control over our entire system. Not only can we easily operate the sound system, but we can also effortlessly control third-party equipment such as projector screens and lights. The ability to fully personalize our dashboard and control audio sources or streaming services has been a major plus.

We've also made use of AUDAC's products in various corporate spaces, from meeting rooms and boardrooms to conference halls and open office spaces. They've been instrumental in facilitating high-quality video conferences, digital signage, and smart collaboration.